Linet Sprint 200

Three decades of innovations in healthcare now brought into stretcher in three key areas. Ergonomic Drive that Goes the Distance, Safety Proven in a Million Care Beds Brought to a Stretcher and Leading-edge Design and Material.

Your benefits at a glance

- Push of a Button needed to drive the stretcher thanks to i-Drive Power®.

- 7 mi Driving Distance without the need to charge.

- 77% less than recommended initial push force without motorized castor (FlexiDrive®).

- 2.2 × more than recommended force resistance of siderails.

- 5 × more than recommended force resistance of IV poles.

- 0 Transfer Gap thanks to Zerogap siderail concept.

- 0.5 kg Precision scales to measure patient weight.

- Mobi-lift® Handle supports the patient when getting off the stretcher.

- 16% Reduction of peak pressure in the pelvic area thanks to Ergoframe®. 

Technical features

External dimensions in Standard Bed Position (lenght x width) 216 cm x 89 cm
Siderail height above Mattress support platform 40,4 cm
Siderail Length 137,4 cm
Maximum mattress height 13 cm
Minimum-Maximum Mattress support platform Height above floor (without Mattress) 53 – 86 cm
Castor diameter 20 cm
Maximum Backrest Angle 90°
Maximum Thighrest Angle 40°
Maximum Calfrest Angle 25°
Trendelenburg Angle 17°
Antitrendelenburg Angle 17°
Safe Working Load (SWL) 320 kg
Average Strecher Weight 167 kg
Maximum Patient Weight 280 kg

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