Tom 2

Tom 2 is a fully electrically operated bed adapted for children. The Tom 2 healthcare bed has a cheerful modern design and can be used in intensive care. The main advantages of Tom 2 are its safety and excellent unobstructed access to the child patient. Keeping the small patients safe in every situation is ensured by fulfilling the newest safety standard for pediatric beds EN 50637:2017.

Your benefits at a glance

Positioning of the Tom 2 children bed is fully electric. The bed’s height, backrest tilt and TR/ATR position can be adjusted by using the control panel. The GO button ensures safety locking of the bed to prevent accidental movement.

The transparent bed ends allow the child to constantly interact with their surroundings, with their parents and staff always being close by. The colourful motifs of the prints fully reflect the playful world of children.

The unique range of the bed’s height adjustment extending to 25 cm (58-83 cm) ensures that the patient is safe in the bed and that nursing procedures are performed ergonomically.

The lowest safe position (58 cm) makes it possible to move the child patient from the bed as the siderails are under the mattress. The low position is also convenient for communication between a visitor and the recumbent child.

The maximum height (up to 83 cm) can be used as an examination position.

The removable bed ends allow full access to the patient and come with an ICU version. The bed ends are magnetically locked and the panel is highly damage-resistant.

Telescopic siderails

The two ergonomic handrails make release of the siderails extremely safe.

Zero Gap

Autoregression ensures a constant safety gap between the backrest and the head end of the bed.

The siderails height positions are adjustable so they can meet current needs.

Technical features

External dimensions 151 x 83 cm
Recommended mattress dimensions 137 × 70/10 cm
Mattress platform height (min-max) (electrically adjusted) 58 – 83 cm
Max. siderails height 80 cm
Autoregression of backrest 12.5 cm
Maximum backrest angle (electrically adjusted)
TR/ATR tilt (electrically adjusted) +15°/-15°
Weight (depending on equipment)
120 kg
Section of mattress platform 2
Safe working load 80 kg
Central castor control Yes

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