Linet Virtuoso

The three cell technology of the Virtuoso mattress mimics the natural movement of the body, preventing pressure damage. The mattress provides frequent and complete elimination of pressure. The Virtuoso is a 24-hour pressure elimination system providing accelerated healing of all grades of pressure ulcers irrespective of mobility. The parameters featured in the system have been carefully chosen based on extensive research along with the results of numerous clinical studies. The Virtuoso mattress has a clinically proven three cell cycle consisting of a trio of spherical cells that alternate at 7.5 minute intervals.

Your benefits at a glance

The Virtuoso is equipped with 4 different pressure sensors and a microprocessor controlling the precise cell pressure. For patient comfort it is possible to increase or decrease the pressure by adjustment the levels on the membrane panel.

Alternating pressure therapy (3 cell technology, zero pressure, 7.5 min.cycle) is the fundamental therapeutic mode that simulates natural body movement and therefore helps to prevent and treat pressure ulcers.

The optional dynamic alternating pressure seat cushion allows for 24 hour care. The cushion uses the same System Control Unit like the mattress. The SCU automatically changes to cushion mode when the cushion is connected.

Alternating Pressure Therapy – Zero Pressure, 7.5 minute cycle, 3 cell technology.

Max Inflate mode – for patient care.

Constant Low Pressure – automatically achieves constant ideal levels of pressure redistribution.

Transport mode – the mattress remains inflated for 24 hours when disconnected from the SCU

SCU – all important parameters are under control ensuring constant optimal treatment. Pressures, times, power supply disconnections, service parameters and CPR are all part of the audible alarm system.

The back up battery will allow complete freedom to continue with treatment during the patient's transport or if there is a general fault on the power supply giving 6 hours autonomy. 

With the virtuoso ICU mattress, the cells can be deflated on the head or heel areas for procedures such as intubations or for pressure relief on specific sensitive areas of the body.  

Technical Features

Outer dimensions 200 x 86 x 23cm
Cushion dimensions 45 x 50 x 12,5cm
System control unit dimensions (SCU) 13,6 x 36 x 29cm
Weight (with pump) 13kg
Maximum load 254kg

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