Linet Sprint 100

Durable, ultra-lightweight transport stretcher with exceptional ergonomics.

Your benefits at a glance

Protection and safety with softdrop siderails

Siderails cover most of the patients body and while providing access for the caregiver, SoftDrop function ensures smooth and gentle lowering to prevent hand entrapment.

Thanks to 4-section deck, foot controls and built-in angle indicator, Sprint 100 can be put into multiple positions including: Cardiac chair, Vascular leg, Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg

Constant ergonomic posture

Thanks to innovative IV&Drive® concept, caregivers can push the stretcher from any height.

Ergonomic braking with easy brake

Releasing or activating the brakes by pushing the foot lever down with clear visibility on brakes supports ergonomic working.

Smooth driving with flexidrive

5th castor helps with steering, uneven surfaces and shock absorption.


Thanks to innovative IV&Drive®, stretcher can be pushed using IV poles without the risk of breaking. Stretcher is light-weigth and sturdy, thanks to design and high-quality materials.

Infection control

Column design and access to undercarriage make the strecher easy to clean.

Technical features

Sprint 100_2 Section Narrow DeckSprint 100_2 Section Wide DeckSprint 100_4 Section Narrow DeckSprint 100_4 Section Wide Deck
External dimensions 211 cm x 76 cm 211 x 86 cm211 x 76 cm211 x 86 cm
Mattress platform 196 cm x 66 cm 193 cm x 66 cm193 cm x 66 cm193 cm x 66 cm
Heigth adjustment 56.5 - 89 cm 56.5 - 89 cm55.5 - 88 cm55.5 - 88 cm
TR/ATR tilt
18° / 18°18° / 18°18° / 18°18° / 18°
Backrest adjustment 0 - 90°
0 - 90°0 - 90°0 - 90°
Thigh rest angle --0 - 40°0 - 40°
Calf rest angle --0 - 21°0 - 21°
Siderails height 35.5 cm35.5 cm36.5 cm36.5 cm
Safe working load 320 kg320 kg320 kg320 kg
Weight with basic equipment 120 kg135 kg120 kg135 kg

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