Linet Symbioso 200

Symbioso 200 as a next generation Integrated Low Air Loss system is designed to work in collaboration with the Multicare bed. Symbioso 200 has double therapy modes, MicroClimate Management (MCM) and Constant Low Pressure (CLP). This system is a perfect solution for ICU units because surface benefits and integration with one of the most advanced ICU beds on the market.

Your benefits at a glance

5 support level settings based on patient weight allow customers to use their clinical judgement when choosing the right set up for their patient. Fowler boost automatically increases the pressure level in the seat section when the back rest is raised above 30°. 

Microclimate management (MCM) helps to manage general condition and health of the patient´s skin by reducing risk of moisture damage and allowing the body´s natural thermoregulation precess to take place. Sleep mode allows reduce blowing speed for comfort during the night or if patients sleeps. 

Symbioso 200 enables the simultaneous deflation of the mattress cells together with the lowering of the backrest for the quick CPR with one single button. The manual CPR is used for quick deflate during transport. An Alarm System detects any system faults and provides audible and visual indications.

Maximum inflate mode for extra stability during delicate nursing procedures, patient mobilisation or transport. 

Integrated extension with the individual control of the heel cells helps to reduce the pressure in the sensitive heel area. 

Technical features

Outer dimensions 213 x 86 x 20cm
Weight (with pump) 13kg
Weight (without pump) 9,5kg
Maximum load 250kg

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