Linet Multicare X

LINET's premium ICU bed Multicare X with unique frame-based lateral tilt.

Your benefits at a glance

Individualized support of pulmonary outcomes based on specific clinical conditions of the patient thanks to Automatic Lateral Therapy guided by Electrical Impedance Tomography.

Our unique Early Mobilization Program with features such as Microshifting and Mobi-Lift® helps patients recover earlier and saves significant costs to the hospital.

Ergoframe® and lateral tilt, together with fully automatic mattress Opticare X, bring advanced premium pressure care with optimal immersion, microclimate management and with a mode that supports prone nursing.

Our uniques siderails concept, multizone bed exit alarm or i-Brake® are just a few of the safety features reducing the likelihood of patients falling.

Ensuring patients’ physical and mental satisfaction, and for faster recovery, thanks to features such as Ergoframe® or ergonomic patient controls.

Frame-based lateral tilt allows easier patient manipulation and minimizes back pain.

30 % lighter bed frame and motorized 5th castor with i-Drive Power® for easier transportation.

Nurse-friendly interface of the bed - 10" Multiboard X screen – makes frequent and critical nursing tasks simpler. The automatically engaged i-Brake® goes beyond an alarm and engages automatically when the bed is plugged into electricity.

Our Smart Care solutions, such as SafetyPort and SafeSense, reduce administrative tasks and make the hospital operations more efficient. Lateral tilt helps save nursing time during patient moving & handling.

Technical features

External Dimensions in Standard Bed Position (length x width) 215 cm x 105 cm
Safety Siderail Height above Mattress support platform (maximum) 45 cm
Bed extension 0 cm - 22 cm
Maximum Dimensions of Mattress (length x width) 214 cm x 87,5 cm
Maximum Mattress Height 23 cm
Clearance in Standard Position 15 cm
Minimum-Maximum Mattress support platform Height above floor (without Mattress) 44 cm - 82 cm
Maximum Backrest Angle 70°
Maximum Thighrest Angle
Maximum Calfrest Angle 38°
Maximum Lateral Tilt Angle +30°/-30°
Trendelenburg Angle 13°
Antitrendelenburg Angle 16°
Bed Safe Working Load (SWL) 250 kg

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