Linet Multicare

The Multicare CCU bed is an ideal solution for the demanding critical care environment. It helps to maintain the vital signs and enables the patient to be treated safely with minimal effort from the staff. The Multicare bed works best with Symbioso and Virtuoso mattresses.

Your benefits at a glance

Automatic Lateral Therapy is a platform based lateral tilt which can be individually programmed in cycles to improve lung drainage, oxygenation and/or atelectasis.

The 15 degree lateral tilting function assists with turning patients for routine nursing activities such as bed making, hygiene needs or wound care with the minimum risk of back injuries.

Progressive side rails with the safe gaps concept, side rail sensors detecting the down position and exceptional height provide an excellent protection against falls.

The Orthopnoeic chair position helps to maximise respiratory function and enhances patient comfort.

Three drive modes faciliate patient transport on short and long distances. Easy operation with only one hand. Undesired operation is prevented by the Safety Sense™ concept.

To avoid falls due to an unbraked bed, the unique i-Brake feature automatically activates the brakes. The Multi Zone Bed Exit Alarm can be used to indicate patient movement from the bed.

Various mattress systems (alternating pressure or low air loss) can be used for the prevention or healing of pressure ulcers according to the needs of the patient.

Bi-lateral tilting eases the regular re-positioning of the patient providing effective pressure relief. The Ergoframe® system extends the space in the pelvic area to reduce tissue compression.

The automatic integrated scales indicate the actual weight of the patient and information about the history of collected data.

The unique Mobi-Lift handles with bed height controls assist with safer mobilisation and active involvement of the patient.

The X-ray translucent mattress platform allows for integrated X-ray examination or C-arm scanning.

Technical features

Outer dimensions (side rails up)
215 x 105cm
Mattress platform extension 22cm
Recommended mattress size 208 x 86 x 14cm
Max. mattress height 23cm
Bed height 44-82cm
Maximum backrest angle
Maximum thighrest angle 35°
Lateral tilt +30°/-30°
Trendelenburg/Anti-Trendelenburg position +13°/-16°
Height of side rails (above mattress platform)45cm
Weight (basic equipment)225kg
Safe working load (SWL)250kg

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