Linet Eleganza Mano

Eleganza Mano is a self-service bedside cabinet for patients with reduced mobility.

The unique construction of the Eleganza Mano patient bedside cabinet has been designed with patient independence, infection control and ease of handling in mind.

Your benefits at a glance

Enables the cabinet brake to be deactivated, even by a bed-bound patient, without the need to rise or call a nurse.

Dining board mechanism with power boost for single handed positioning of the board.

Ergonomic handles enable the patient to manoeuvre the cabinet into the position required for the planned activity.

Technical features

External dimensions
51 x 48,5cm
Top surface dimensions 38 x 41cm
Height (incl. gallery) 93cm
Height of top surface 89cm
Eating board dimensions 60 x 35cm
Height of dining board 73-110cm
 Load capacity of dining board 5kg
Castors 7,5cm

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Heinen & Löwenstein
Mackworth Healthcare