Metro Starsys

Starsys provides a complete system of enclosed carts in a wide variety of heights and system widths. When mobility is a key part of your storage needs, Starsys carts provide a broad selection of unique solutions. This modular system approach allows you to create a cart to meet your exact needs.

Your benefits at a glance

Lightweight polymer construction makes the cart easy to handle while being also able to support heavy equipment. Material can be easily cleaned with hospital detergents. Antibacterial Microban-material prevents infections effectively.

Starsys-carts can be customized to customer needs because of its modular solution.

Starsys-can be customized with large variety of accessories.

Expandable side lockers are an effective solution for saving space. When not in use the cart is compact and can fit through narrow spaces, while in use the side lockers can be folded out to create easy access to all storage space in the cart. 

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Heinen & Löwenstein
Mackworth Healthcare