Theraclion Echopulse & SONOVEIN®

The Echopulse® is an echotherapy device offering a revolutionary, non-invasive way to treat tumors by focused ultrasound. The Echopulse® offers an innovative alternative for treating  benign tumors, giving patients a quick and effective solution in an outpatient setting. Recommended to treat breast fibroadenomas and thyroid nodules, echotherapy is a gentle alternative to surgery without cuts or scars and without general anesthesia.

SONOVEIN® is the first robotic solution for a 100% non-invasive echotherapy treatment of varicose veins. It doesn‘t need any additional accessories such as guide wires, puncture kits or catheters and leaves no scars. SONOVEIN can be operated by a single person in a non-sterile environment. No wake-up rooms or hospital beds are required as patients can resume their normal daily activities immediately after treatment.

Your benefits at a glance

The technology makes millimetric accuracy possible in treatment. HIFU can be focused extremely accurately on a specific focal point, so that the treatment does not affect healthy tissue. 

Echopulse operates non-invasively, and no surgery is required. Thus, cosmetic flaws on neck and breast area are not created. 

Because of the non-invasive nature of the treatment, the recovery time is short. There is no need for the patient to stay in the facility after the treatment, and no general anesthesia is required. 

The device is operated with a touchscreen, that shows real time ultrasound image of the target. User interface is intuitive, and it guides through the procedure step by step. Treatment head can be easily placed on desired position with a movable arm. 

Procedure is divided into four clear steps. Treatment takes approximately one hour and is conducted on local anesthesia. The steps of the procedure are: 

1. Procedure set up

2. Treatment head positioning

3. Treatment planning

4. Treatment

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